Risk / 2021


Log Line: After committing a crime that they both know they can't take back, Clarissa and Autumn reflect on their actions.

Bean / 2021


Log Line: On a weekend getaway, a jaded teenager is stuck between the past and the present as she struggles to reconnect with her absentee father.

Pirasta Commercials / 2021

Creative Director


More information: A paid, for-profit set of commercials done for the poster company, Pirasta.

Good 4 U / 2021


Good 4 U_Moment 3.jpg
Good 4 U_Moment 5.jpg
Good 4 U_Moment 8.jpg

More information: A fanmade music video based on Olivia Rodrigo's song "Good 4 U". We own nothing. This film was made and edited in under six hours.

Sepulchre / 2021


Neil Still 3.jpg
Meredith Still 2.jpg
Neil Still 2.jpg

Log Line: The line between love and hate is so easily blurred, and Beau and his sister Belladonna are about to learn that.

Seasons / 2020


Log Line: After they hookup, Aspen and Summer fall in love, but their love quickly becomes toxic. Can Aspen escape this abuse, or will she be stuck in it forever?